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SLERS and the Christmas Ham Tradition

September is almost at an end, so you may have noticed it already: Christmas carols have started playing, Christmas decorations are already being put up in a few homes and establishments, people have started making their Christmas wish list (and making their wishes known to those whom they want gifts from), malls and department stores […]

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Budget-Friendly Meals for Students and Employees

This is a sad reality, but reality nonetheless: When students and entry-level employees find themselves struggling to stretch their budget until the next payday or the next time their parents send money, it is most often food that they choose to scrimp on. This makes it very important for you to know that reducing your […]

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Creative Ways to Prepare Smoked Ham

Ham is one food item many of us love, but seldom get to enjoy, primarily because we think of it as something that should only be prepared for special occasions like Christmas and maybe also because we think there‚Äôs only one way to prepare ham. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can actually […]

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