Reward Your Academic Achievements This Year with a Pizza!

It’s back-to-school time once again! This is a time that means different things to different people. For parents, it means having to keep up with tuition and other school expenses yet again. For teachers, it means another year of striving to mold young minds and hopefully prepare their students for the challenges in the real world. For students, it means having to go through another year of homework, projects, and examinations.

But back-to-school time can also mean another year of fun with classmates and friends, and another year of celebrating achievements, big and small. Yes, indeed, even the smallest achievements need to be celebrated in some way to acknowledge a student’s hard work. After all, it is the small victories that eventually lead to the most significant successes.

Reward Your Academic Achievements This Year with a Pizza!

Doing Well in School
There are several good reasons—other than the possibility of getting rewarded—why you should strive to do well in school. This is particularly true if you’re in high school or currently pursuing higher education in a college or university. Here are the best reasons why, with or without a reward, you should always do your best in school:

1. College/University
If you’re in high school and you want to acquire a college/university degree someday, then you definitely should do your best in school. Remember that not all colleges and universities have entrance examinations; many base admission on your high school grades. So if you want to have the freedom to choose which college/university to attend and what course to take, then you need to do well in high school.

2. Life Skills
Whatever path you choose to take later in life, you will learn some of the necessary life skills by doing your best in school. At the very least, you will learn how to commit to something you started, how to prepare for something you’re about to embark on, and how to be a productive individual in general.

3. No Extra Lectures
Have you noticed how your parents get on your case when you do poorly in school? They just won’t shut up, will they? Well, here’s a little secret we’ll be glad to share with you: There’s a surefire way to end those non-stop lectures from your parents! Do well in school. It’s that simple.

4. Passion
Love sports or the arts? Whatever it is you’re passionate about, you’ll get more support for it from your parents and teachers alike if you’re keeping your grades up.

5. Time
Do you really want to waste time repeating classes you’ve already taken? Do you really want to spend the summer in school taking remedial classes instead of hanging out with your friends on the beach? No? Well, then, pass your subjects so you’ll have more time for yourself!

Getting Rewarded
Now you should have enough motivation to start doing your best in school. But it’s also nice to get rewarded from time to time, isn’t it? So, for parents, teachers, and guardians out there, when your kids accomplish notable achievements at school, reward them with a giant pizza! They will feel recognized and appreciated, for sure!

Reward Your Academic Achievements This Year with a Pizza!

1. Acing Major Exams
It’s difficult enough to pass all school exams; if a student manages to ace most, if not all, of their major exams, he or she definitely deserves a pizza party! The celebration may be a simple gathering of family at the student’s favorite pizza place. What’s important is that he/she knows that hard work is rewarded.

2. Being Chosen as School Representative to a Competition
Whether the student wins or not isn’t even that important in this case. The fact that he/she was chosen to represent their school means he/she is the best in their school, and that is definitely something worth celebrating!

3. Getting Top Marks for a Major School Project
Science fairs, art fairs, and similar school activities happen only once in every schoolyear. If your child gains recognition in such an activity, it isn’t too much to ask for you to buy him/her pizza, is it?

4. Landing in the Top 10
This is even more difficult to achieve than acing exams because it requires not just good marks in major exams, but an excellent overall performance. This achievement certainly deserves at least a night out with family and friends at your favorite pizza place.

5. Winning a School Competition
Regardless of whether it is an academic, sports, or art competition, a win is a win and deserves a celebration. And going out for pizza can be the simplest way for you to show a student that his/her hard work is appreciated.

A well-thought out and balanced reward system can effectively reinforce good behavior in students. And sometimes, all it takes is promising them their favorite pizza.

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