Ororama Makes Christmas Extra Special for Children

Christmas is a special celebration, particularly in the Philippines, where you start getting the holiday vibe as soon as the “ber” months begin. Yes, even before Halloween draws near, Filipinos are already looking forward to Christmas. That’s how special the yuletide season is for us.

But no matter how special Christmas may be to adults, it is at least twice more special for children. It is, in fact, an almost magical season for them. They look forward to the parties, the games, the break from school, and to loads and loads of gifts. And this is something that the Ororama Chain of Stores completely understands.

Just for Kids Sale

Ororama Kids Sale

As Ororama knows how special Christmas is for children, they have launched a special sale for children’s clothing and accessories as early as now. Also on sale are other items your children want and need. From September 16-30, you’ll get as much as 50% off on selected items at the Children’s & Infants’ Wear Department, Children’s Shoes Department, Children’s Bags Department, Children’s Watches and Accessories Department, Children’s Toys Department, and School Supplies Department.

And they didn’t stop at just slashing half the price of various items. They are also offering an additional 10% discount to members of the Ororama Rewards Club! So you’ll be sure to enjoy your early Christmas shopping for your kids, knowing there’s a good chance you can afford to get them everything they want for Christmas, with such huge discounts being offered.

Ororama Kids Sale

Other Surprises

Aside from the special sale for children, Ororama has prepared a couple of fun surprises for their young patrons. Last September 17, they had a party for member of the Ororama Kids’ Fun Club, which was held at 10:00 a.m. at Ororama Carmen and 3:00 p.m. at Ororama Cogon. To join the party, Fun Club members needed to register by presenting a receipt for a Pokémon stuffed toy worth at least PHP 150. There were 50 party slots for the Carmen branch and 100 slots for the Cogon branch.

The children definitely had fun at the Fun Club party, with lots of food, games, and prizes to share. And while it’s too late to join that particular party, it isn’t too late for your kids to join in the advanced Christmas fun prepared by Ororama.

They also have a pachinko game where you get the chance to win instant prizes. The first round of pachinko games was held last September 16-18. The second round is scheduled for September 23-25 and the last round is scheduled for September 30. There is a very simple mechanic to join the pachinko game: You just need to present ONE Department Store receipt reflecting a total purchase of at least PHP 500 at Ororama Cogon and PHP 300 at Ororama Carmen.

Not sure if this special sale is really something you should be participating in? Think about it. Your children probably already told you what they want for Christmas. Ororama is giving you a chance to satisfy your kids’ wish list way before the Christmas rush (remember how stressful that is?), and you can think of the discounts they are offering as their Christmas gift to you!

Even if your kids haven’t made up their mind just yet regarding the Christmas gifts they want from you, this would be a good time to buy their Christmas outfits; kids just love it when they have something new to wear for their Christmas parties. Check out the wide selection of shirts, jeans, blouses, and dresses for your little boys and girls.

Oh, and surely you have godchildren as well? Well, this is most definitely the best time to start buying Christmas gifts for them, too! By the time Christmas actually arrives, you’d already have all of your gifts prepared without feeling the usual stress that comes with Christmas shopping. And while you’re at it, have a little fun at the pachinko game. Who wouldn’t want to win a freebie on top of the huge discounts you just enjoyed?

Christmas in the Philippines is indeed extra special, and you can actually take advantage of the fact that we start celebrating it as early as September. Sale season has begun at Ororama and there’s really no reason for you not to benefit from it. You can take your kids with you so they can choose what they want, or shop for them on your own so you can surprise them with the gifts you choose. Either way, don’t waste this chance to have some wonderfully stress-free, discount-heavy shopping. Enjoy!

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