Gulp Juicery – A Delicious Way to Go Healthy

gulp juicery

We practically grew up with people and even books or street signage telling us that “Health is Wealth” and yes, we totally agree with that. Who wouldn’t? Ever since we were young, we were taught to always go healthy—eat healthy food, exercise on a regular basis, sleep early, avoid bad vices and so on and so forth. But growing up, we came to realize that it isn’t easy to practice a healthy lifestyle and shun foods and activities that can harm our health. Who can say to no junk foods and sodas? Can you live your entire life without indulging yourself with fries and burger which are actually high in cholesterol? Sadly, most of us can’t.

Fortunately for us Kagay-anons, a store located at Grand Central in Hayes St. is offering to help us go for a healthy lifestyle. And no, they aren’t telling you to hit the gym or sleep exactly at 10 P.M. Instead, this store is offering you mouth-watering dishes and delicious juices that are 100% good for your health.

Gulp Juicery – CDO’s Healthy Juice Bar

Opened last 2014, Gulp Juicery is a healthy juice bar offering smoothies and juices made from the freshest and finest vegetables and fruits. And, yes, you can now erase the notion that healthy foods taste horrible because at Gulp Juicery, everything they are serving is very delicious. With Gulp Juicery, you have no excuse of not trying healthy stuff believing that they taste like medicine because their smoothies and juices are heavenly.

When it first opened, Gulp Juicery was only serving juices and smoothies but later, the store began serving additional healthy dishes in their menu including pastas, sandwiches, salads, milk tea, organic coffee, and variants of chocolate drinks. Gulp Juicery is also serving non-dairy milk and also rice meals. You can now visit the store all throughout the day and they’ll gladly serve dishes to help you stay healthy.

Gulp Juicery – Health Buff’s One-Stop Shop

Aside from serving Kagay-anons healthy foods, Gulp Juicery is also offering healthy products—vitamins, vegan cookies, and brown rice. They are selling Superfood Grocer products like Spirulina, chia seed, quinoa rice, and cookies that do not include gluten, refined sugar, and dairy products. When you are at Gulp Juicery, you won’t be just eating healthy dishes; you can also bring home health products with you. So you see? Gulp Juicery is CDO’s one-stop health shop. How cool is that?

Another amazing fact about Gulp Juicery is that when you are regular customer of the store, you can avail for a club card (The Gulp Club Card). During special occasions, Gulp Juicery also offers gift certificates. Last Valentine’s Day, the store gave out gift certificates to lucky Gulpers who participated on their Valentine’s promo. At Gulp Juicery, they aren’t just teaching you how to eat healthy foods, they are also teaching you to have fun.

With Gulp Juicery, a healthy lifestyle has never been this delicious and fun. So if you haven’t tried their menu yet, visit them ASAP. They are open 8:00 am-8:00 pm daily. See you!


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