Early Halloween and Christmas Cake Ideas

In the Philippines, the first day of September typically ushers in the Christmas season. On this day, you can expect to start hearing Christmas carols played in offices, shopping centers, and even on the radio. The frequency of these carols playing will gradually increase as Christmas Day draws nearer and nearer. There will only be a short break in the heralding of Christmas towards the end of October, as people anticipate Halloween.

In the past, Filipinos would normally just visit cemeteries to pay homage to loved ones who have passed on. This is done anywhere between October 31st and November 2nd. These days, however, the influence of the Western world has become more apparent, as Filipinos have begun organizing annual Halloween gatherings.

Of course, any gathering becomes a lot more fun when there’s cake to share. So if you plan to hold a Halloween or Christmas party this year, you may want to consider a few cake ideas as early as now. Time flies, and it’s going to be October very soon; it’s best to be prepared.

Halloween Cake Ideas


Just because a cake is for a Halloween party doesn’t mean it has to look scary; you can go for cute, too, depending on the overall theme of your Halloween get-together. Whether you choose to go cute or creepy, here are some cake ideas you may want to consider for next month’s festivities:

1. Jack-o’-Lantern Cake

One of the most well-known symbols of Halloween, a Jack-o’-Lantern will certainly make for the perfect centerpiece during a Halloween party. All you need to do is place two Bundt cakes together and then slice off the edges to form a pumpkin shape. Cover with orange frosting, place a “stem” on top (this can be anything from an actual stem to green-colored paper), and then create the face to look creepy or cute—your choice.

2. Strawberry Ghosts

Strawberry cakes are so delicious that your guests will be sure to love it, no matter how scary it looks. But you can make it even more exciting by making mini strawberry cakes, shaped like ghosts. Use white frosting instead of pink and then use mini chocolate chips to create the ghostly faces.

3. Haunted Castle Cake

You may think this is a little scary to make, but it really isn’t. Just make a simple layer cake and then cover it in green frosting. Next, make sugar cookies shaped as castle walls and tombstones; decorate the cookies accordingly. You may then add fondant ghosts, bats, and other décor to complete your majestically creepy cake.

Christmas Cake Ideas


When the Halloween festivities are over, it will be just over a month before Christmas Day. It definitely won’t hurt to be prepared for your annual Christmas gathering by coming up with early Christmas cake ideas. Here are our recommendations:

1. Jolly Santa Cake

The smiling face of Santa Claus is indeed one of the things that add merriment to an already merry celebration—Christmas. So why not include a Santa Claus cake in your Christmas menu? All it takes is a basic round cake covered with marzipan and sugar paste and then decorated with fondant smiling Santa face. Simple, but delicious!

2. Snowflake Cake

If you’re going for simple elegance, then this may be the perfect cake for your Christmas gathering. Just prepare a square cake of your choice and then cover it with marzipan and white sugar paste. Cut out sugar paste snowflakes using cookie cutters and then decorate the cake with these snowflakes. Add tiny edible glittery balls for that extra sparkle that makes your cake almost too beautiful to eat.

3. Christmas Trees Cake

This is one easy-to-make cake that’s ideal if you want to turn cake-making into a bonding experience with your kids. Again, you can use a basic square cake recipe and then have fun in decorating to turn this delicious dessert into the perfect Christmas cake. Cover the cake with marzipan and white sugar paste, roll out green sugar paste and cut out three Christmas trees, and then roll out yellow sugar paste and cut out three stars. Arrange the trees and stars on top of the cake (or let your kids take care of this step) and then add some tiny edible glittery balls. To complete the Christmas look, you may wrap the bottom half of the cake with red-and-green ribbon.

There is only one secret to making the perfect Halloween and Christmas cake, and that is to let your creativity take the reins. Enjoy your cakes!




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