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SLERS and the Christmas Ham Tradition

September is almost at an end, so you may have noticed it already: Christmas carols have started playing, Christmas decorations are already being put up in a few homes and establishments, people have started making their Christmas wish list (and making their wishes known to those whom they want gifts from), malls and department stores […]

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Enjoy Your Favorite Treat via Online Shopping

Have you noticed how more and more people are now doing their shopping online? The growing demand for online shopping options has led to a growing number of online shops, and this is definitely good news for those who have grown to love online shopping. If you’ve never tried to buy anything online, then you […]

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My Pasalubong – Your One-Stop Online Pasalubong Shop!

Here’s an interesting question for you: What is the first thing that comes to mind when people arrive home from travel? The top answer will always be pasalubong!   When you travel for recreational purposes, you probably have so many tourist spots and activities on your itinerary. When you travel for work or business purposes, […]

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small print eleanor & park by rainbow rowell

A Gift Guide for Book Lovers

June has started and with it, the familiar scene of students tromping off to their schools, clutching books. Some of them may grumble about having to sift through hundreds of pages yet again but some are genuine bookworms. To inspire your loved ones into honing their reading skills this school year, why not give them […]

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Vjandep Pastel & Co. – A Short List of Some of the Most Delectable Pinoy Treats Ever Invented

If you want to learn about a country, read history books and visit museums. However, if you want to learn about a people, try their food. The Philippines is home to a wide variety of delicacies that will satisfy every palate, fulfill every craving, and fill every room with delectable and sometimes overpowering smells. These […]

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