A Quick Look at Jaybuilders’ Metal Doors, Louvers, and Jambs

Jaybuilders’ Industries Inc. has been in business in 1983. Their longevity can be attributed to their commitment to quality, innovation, and technique enhancement when introducing a wide variety of building products on the market. They also pride themselves in their ability to provide clients with reliable after-sales service. It is no wonder, then, that they have become one of Northern Mindanao’s biggest manufacturing and trading firms.

If you are planning to get a house or any other type of property built anytime soon, you may want to consider using Jaybuilders’ products. It may help to take a quick look at some of the best products the company has to offer.

Metal Flush Doors

A flush door is deemed as the most basic type of door available on the market. It doesn’t have any stiles, panels, or rails; the surface of a flush door is completely smooth. This type of door is known mostly for its functionality and is typically used as an interior door. The good news is that while a flush door is used more for function than aesthetics, there are now a lot of metal flush doors that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

Jaybuilders’ provides clients with standard metal flush doors as well as specialty doors that are created specifically to fit the client’s architectural needs. You can choose from plain, full, and half-louvered doors. They also offer emergency exit doors with or without a panic device installed. Their metal flush doors come with four different cores: Honeycomb, Rockwool, Styrofoam, and Steel. If you are constructing a residential building, you may opt for light-duty doors. For commercial buildings, they have medium-duty doors, and for industrial buildings, heavy-duty doors are available.

Metal Louvers

Have you noticed those horizontal slats often seen on windows and doors? These slats are collectively known as a louver. They are typically included in the construction of any building for the purpose of letting in adequate light and air while keeping direct sunshine, rain, and noise out. The angle of the horizontal slats is carefully measured to ensure that the louver effectively serves its purpose. There are also louvers created with adjustable slats (usually for windows and blinds), giving you the freedom to choose the angle at which the slats lie.

The original louvers were made of wood, but advancements in the construction industry have made metal louvers possible. Unless you opt for fixed louvers, you can choose to install louvers that can be adjusted with pulleys, a metal lever, or a motorized operator. Although there are those who use louvers purely for aesthetic appeal, this feature is often included in a building for technical, rather than design, purposes. It is most commonly found in industrial facilities, where ventilation and temperature control are very important.

With Jaybuilders’, you have the option of going for fixed louvers, demount-able louvers, full-louvered doors and/or windows, swing louver doors, or sliding louver doors. You may even choose to use two or more types of louvered doors and windows if that enhances the overall appeal of the building you are constructing.

Metal Jambs

The term “jamb” refers to the lining or side post of any aperture in a building. Perhaps the most commonly-known type of jamb is the door jamb, which is the vertical part of the frame onto which the door is attached. The entire weight of the door is born by the jamb through its hinges. In the same way, the weight of windows is also supported largely by the window jamb, regardless of what type of window you may have. Considering this, it is important for you to ensure the strength and durability of your jambs.

The metal jambs offered by Jaybuilders’ Industries Inc. have innovative adjustable rabbits, which means they will perfectly fit your doors and windows. The rabbit is an essential component of a jamb because it typically serves as an integrated door- or window-stop. The functionality of a jamb, therefore, is significantly affected by how well its rabbit is crafted. With an adjustable rabbit, you are assured that the jamb will always achieve full functionality.

Metal doors and windows have become more popular in recent years, not just for industrial buildings, but even more modern homes. They are preferred by many people mostly because of the security they offer and the known durability of various types of metal. And these days, with metal doors and windows adopting more and more aesthetically appealing designs, they’re sure to become even more of a hit.


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