Kiddie Party Packages in CDO – Making Your Child’s Birthday Extra Special

Your little one’s birthday is fast approaching, and you’re planning to hire the services of professional party planners like Fatzo Party Factory to make sure your child has the perfect ...

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A Gift Guide for Book Lovers

June has started and with it, the familiar scene of students tromping off to their schools, clutching books. Some of them may grumble about having to sift through hundreds of ...

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Gulp Juicery – A Delicious Way to Go Healthy

We practically grew up with people and even books or street signage ...

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The Health Benefits of a Hamburger

  When we talk about a healthy diet, hamburgers aren’t usually what come to mind. In fact, hamburgers often come to mind only when we think about “cheat days” or unhealthy eating. Many people even say that they know burgers are bad for their health, but they’re almost impossible to resist. What if we told […]

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Budget-Friendly Meals for Students and Employees

This is a sad reality, but reality nonetheless: When students and entry-level employees find themselves struggling to stretch their budget until the next payday or the next time their parents send money, it is most often food that they choose to scrimp on. This makes it very important for you to know that reducing your […]

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A Quick Guide for Designing the Kitchen of a High-end Restaurant

  You are planning to open your own business, and a restaurant is what you have in mind. If so, one of the things you’ll have to focus on is the design of the kitchen. Remember that a restaurant kitchen not only has to be functional, but also needs to allow for efficiency, freedom of […]

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Rainy Days Fashion Guide – Different Types of Jackets, Coats, and More

Summer season in the Philippines is officially over, and that only means that we’re already expecting the rainy days to take over this month of June. To help you prepare your wardrobe for the monsoon season, we’ll be sharing with you the different types of jackets, coats, and other items of clothing we usually flaunt […]

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Gadgets & More: Nissan GT-R Drone – The World’s First Racing Drone

Capturing quality video footage on a racing game is one of the most challenging tasks that videographers face. With racing cars traveling 100mph and above and trying to outdistance each other, finding the perfect angle is just so difficult. Because of this, most videographers nowadays would use drones to capture unobstructed and quality shots that […]

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Steam Sales – Ready, Kagay-anon Gamers?

Every summer, Halloween, and Christmas, gamers from all parts of the world patiently and excitedly wait for Steam sales to begin. With big Steam sales happening several months apart, gamers are beyond thrilled to join the rush and purchase their favorite games at a discounted price (we’re talking 50% to 90% discounts here!). But before […]

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Life in the Metro – 5 Shopping Tips That Will Help You Spend Less

Living in a highly urbanized city like Cagayan de Oro has a gazillion perks, and one of them is that you have direct access to hundreds of stores, boutiques, shopping malls, and stalls 24/7. For example, if you badly need a dress for an interview, you don’t have to travel for hours just to visit […]

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Baking 101: Does the Type of Pan Matter?

If you’re fond of baking, then you’ve probably come across several recipes that call for specific types of baking pan, or perhaps you’ve noticed that there are so many baking pan varieties currently being sold. And maybe, on more than one occasion, you’ve wondered if the type of pan really makes a difference in the […]

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What Students Need as the School Year Starts – Covering the Basics

You have kids who are about to start another year as students. Whether they’re in grade school or in high school, there are things they need to prepare before school opens. Of course, the best way for you to make sure you will buy all the school supplies they need is to secure a list […]

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Summer Beachwear Guide – How to Keep Your Swimsuit as Good as New

It is true that most of us only wear swimsuits during the summer season. But just because we don’t wear them frequently, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of them properly. Today, I’ve compiled several points on how can you extend the life of your beachwear, so that when the next summer season comes, they’ll […]

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